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On a more serious note

By Friday January 14th, 2011 No Comments

While it was enjoyable to share some light humor with Malaysians online, the key objective of the #tanyanajib session was to address key issues and concerns by you. Good questions were asked and I wish I could answer them all. Below are my responses to two questions sent in during the session:

Talent Corp Transcript

Talent Corp started work on January 1 and it’s focused on engaging Malaysians working overseas, so they are aware of the opportunities available in Malaysia, particularly in connection with the Economic Transformation Plan where many Entry Point Projects have been created which we, the Government, have been and will be announcing from time to time. Surely this shows that more and more opportunities are available in Malaysia.

In addition, our efforts to transform the country to a high-income nation, also means that the income of Malaysians will also increase in times to come.

If we look at the whole package, I believe that working in Malaysia is a very good choice. Aside from that, we will try to convince those who have yet to decide whether to work in Malaysia or outside the country to choose to work in Malaysia.

I am confident that when our economy grows more vibrant, we will see many Malaysians abroad keen to return home and work in Malaysia.


SPM Transcript

Those with only SPM qualifications need to find ways to take additional courses either in colleges and vocational skills or they can work in companies that will provide them with training in specific skills.

If we continue to remain with just SPM qualifications, it will not open the doors to more lucrative job opportunities. But if we have certain skills, and if these skills are enhanced, for example, from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 will translate into earning a more comfortable wage.

So I want to encourage more Malaysians with only SPM qualifications to find a way to enhance their skills regardless of whether the courses are offered by the government or private parties. No matter if the skills are at an early stage or low level, if they continue to hard work, they will improve existing skills to a higher level.

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