Nelson Mandela Left More Than A Name

By Friday December 6th, 2013 No Comments

For months, the world prepared itself for this sad news. Yet when it came, the sorrow and loss were no less felt. Nelson Mandela, an icon of freedom and democracy fondly known as Madiba, has passed away, leaving South Africa – and the world – an inspiring legacy born of hardship and fortitude.

The popular Malay saying comes to mind: Harimau mati tinggalkan belang, manusia mati tinggalkan nama. Mandela left more than a name; he left behind a country that emerged from the darkness of apartheid to become a shining symbol of democracy and reconciliation.

I look up to him as a leader among leaders. His biography, “A Long Walk to Freedom” remains a great source of inspiration to me. Future generations may not fully understand the extent of Mandela’s contributions to the world, but our efforts today and tomorrow will keep alive the spirit of democracy that Mandela upheld.

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