Najib wants an able and credible Cabinet

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PETALING JAYA: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has listed out the qualities he is looking for in his new Cabinet line-up when he takes over as Umno president and Prime Minister.

He said those in his Cabinet must have ability, credibility and general public acceptance so that he could institute reforms in both the party and the Government.

Asked what would happen if the delegates at the party’s election failed to deliver him the line-up that he wished for, Najib said he could only appeal to them to do the right thing, as it was their right to decide.

“That is why I say they must vote according to their conscience. If we want Umno to be seen as the conscience of the Malays and Malaysia, we must vote with our conscience.

“We have to elect leaders who have the credentials to undertake the reforms,” he said in an interview with editors of several newspapers in the run up to the party’s general assembly.

Other qualities he will be looking for are commitment to the struggles of Umno, being open and ready for reforms as well as good leaders in the community.

“We should choose leaders who have good qualities in the eyes of the people.

“I need a good team as we are facing the most challenging of times. I need leaders who share the same thinking and political will,” he said.

To a question, Najib said he had seen some candidates possessing the qualities that he wanted but he did not go on roadshows to promote them as he did not want to influence anyone.

“The delegates are free to choose who they want. But I am watching and I know. If I don’t say anything, this doesn’t mean that I don’t know,” he added.

Source : The Star

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