Najib Urges Government Agencies To Make In-Depth Study Before Deciding

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 10 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said government departments and agencies must carry out an in-depth study before making a decision merely based on information received on paper.

The Prime Minister said the experience gained from his walkabouts, which he described as very meaningful, had exposed him to the actual situation on the ground, and personally listened to the problems faced by the people.

He said the walkabout in Sandakan, Sabah recently had touched him deeply after listening to the hardship faced by a senior citizen in the area.

“While sitting down with a group of senior citizens for a glass of ‘teh tarik’, one of them, who was formerly a taxi driver, said that he was no longer eligible to receive the monetary aid of RM300 a month from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) as the department found that his children were already working.

“The house that he had bought from his savings had been given to his son who later chased him out of the house. Although his children are already working, they have taken action which I consider as cruel. This means that we must undertake more in-depth study (to determine) whether the children are truly helping their parents,” he said when interviewed in the hour-long ‘Sinar Pagi’ programme in ‘SINAR fm’, here Thursday.

Responding to a call from a listener in the programme hosted by deejays Khairil Rashid, Salih Yaccob and Raja Azura, Najib said he was now acting as Minister of Women, Family and Community Development and the matter had been forwarded to the ministry, and a review must be made.

He said if it was found that the son had not helped and had neglected his father, the ministry must reconsider the payment of welfare aid to him.

The Prime Minister also explained that the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) on Bursa Malaysia was to generate wealth in multiples to the settlers.

He said if the shares were not listed, the asset would not have market value and if there were no market value, the asset value would not be able to leap in multiples.

“When it is listed, our assets are given value by the market in multiple fold, and from the wealth that we generate, some of it can be handed back to the Felda settlers,” he said, adding that the listing did not affect the settlers’ land ownership.

On his role as the Prime Minister, Najib did not deny that his responsibility as the country’s number one leader was most heavy especially in making decisions that must be accurate and could give the best impact to the people.

He said that one mistake would not only make him feel depressed but also would become an issue and would be disputed by others, although it was only one out of 10 other decisions that had been successful.

Najib also disclosed that he liked to visit historical places while on holiday to understand civilisation and world history as it was his hobby to read books on such subjects.

He said vacations also enabled him to become ‘normal people’, just like the others.

Najib, who is also a strong supporter of the British football team, Manchester United, hoped that the team would emerge as champion in the British Premier League at the end of the month.

During the programme, Najib also had his favourite songs such as ‘Memikat Hati’ by R.Azmi, Massachusetts (Bee Gees), Teluk Bayur (Ernie Djohan) and To Love Somebody (Bee Gees).

Source : Bernama

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