Najib to continue promoting Islam Hadhari

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KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pledges that he will continue to promote Islam Hadhari (Civilisational Islam) when he takes over as Prime Minister.

The Deputy Prime Minister said he was a great believer in Islam Hadhari introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“There is nothing to fear about Islam. I am a great believer of Islam Hadhari. I told the Prime Minister after March (when Najib takes over as Prime Minister), he does not have to worry because this (Islam Hadhari) is something we will continue to propagate,” he said Thursday in his opening speech at the Seminar on Creating a Blue Ocean in Education and Training.

He said Malaysia was a unique country not only due to its multiracial, multi-religious, multi-cultural make-up but also its geopolitical position because it straddles the East and West, has Islamic ties and close links with the Middle East as well as a colonial and Western heritage.

He said after the Sept 11 attack on the United States, the West needed a greater understanding of Islam and Malaysia could be a great model of how Islam is applied in the country.

“Yes, we do have problems in Malaysia but it’s not insurmountable. When you look at the positive side – people may have written as us off – but we have developed and are becoming stronger and stronger,” he said.

In a press conference at a later function, Najib was asked whether the bumiputra policy had changed because the Government was letting companies seeking a listing on Bursa Malaysia to open up their shares to non-bumiputras if bumiputras did not take up the 30% equity.

He stressed that the current bumiputra policy stays.

He explained that any Malaysian company going for an inital public offering, would still have to set aside 30% for bumiputra institutions and if these were not take up, then it would be offered to the general bumiputra public.

“If this is not fully subscribed, then the company will be deemed to have complied. I don’t think there’s any confusion,” he added.

Asked whether the relaxation was to help companies be competitive, Najib said it was the existing policy and we are making it as easy as possible in implementation.

Najib said other measures to help the capital market would be introduced in good time.

Source : The Star

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