Najib Salutes Branches For By-election Wins

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PEKAN, March 12 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Saturday saluted Umno branches for their role in the series of Barisan Nasional wins in by-elections.

The Prime Minister said that Umno branches which were strong and active reflected well on the party and government which would be seen as being close to the people.

“Branches are the frontliners in the interaction with voters and other people,” he said when opening the meeting of branches of the Pekan division.

The Umno President and Barisan Nasional chairman said that BN won at Galas in Kelantan, Batu Sapi in Sabah, Tenang in Johor, Merlimau in Melaka and Kerdau in Pahang with a lot of support from the various communities.

Alluding to Kerdau, Najib said that support from the Malays continued to solidify while more in the Chinese and Indian communities voted for BN in the recent by-election than in 2008.

“Three years ago, when we were hit by a political tsunami, Malays appeared to be among voters who did not support us. But they have returned to the fold and supported Umno in Kerdau,” Najib said.

“This we can see from the results. In 2008, we got a majority of over 1,000 in Kerdau. In 2004, the majority touched 2,600. This time round the majority exceeded 2,700.”

“The Chinese community had supported us while the Indian voters too showed confidence in BN, with more than 70 per cent backing us. The Orang Asli remained loyal and strong supporters of Umno,” Najib said.

But even with strong support from the people, he said, Umno must never treat lightly the threat of the opposition.

For any election, Najib said, only candidates who could win must be considered.

Stressing the importance of meeting the criteria that the people set themselves, he said that some voters had supported the opposition purely because of the candidates they fielded.

Najib said that BN must field candidates who meet the expectations of the people.

Source : Bernama

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