Najib: Malaysia Will Try To Convince Countries To Review Sanctions On Myanmar

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NAYPYITAW (Myanmar), March 29 (Bernama) — Malaysia, which is supportive of the reform process taking place in Myanmar, will try to convince developed countries to review the sanctions imposed on the country.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak conveyed the matter to Myanmar President U Thein Sein at their meeting in conjunction with his two-day visit here which ended Thursday.

“If total lifting is not possible, then it should be reviewed and gradually eased,” Najib told Malaysian journalists in this capital city at the end of his visit to the country, his first since becoming prime minister in April 2009.

Najib said he and the Myanmar leader had discussed about the reform taking place in the country which Thein Sein described as “irreversible”.

He said Malaysia was confident with the changes taking place in the “new” Myanmar, saying that the country was now in a transition process to become more open, more democratic and progressive.

He added that the response among the international community should reflect their acceptance and recognition of the democratisation process taking place in Myanmar.

Najib said among the landmark transformations which Myanmar had strived to implement was the by-election on Sunday.

“If it’s a fair election, it will convince the international community that the reform is something that will continue to take place,” he said of the by-election which will see Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD), contesting in a constituency near Yangon.

Najib said he was impressed with the pace of reform taking shape in the country and their willingness to change.

“(As for) the timeframe, they should decide it on their own. What we can do is to encourage and to support them so that the process is not only irreversible but also accelerated,” he said.

At a meeting with the Malaysian community in Myanmar earlier, Najib said his just-concluded visit to the country was made at a “right time” because Malaysia wanted to make a strong signal over the reform process in Myanmar.

“We want to make it very clear that the path to reform must indicate their firm commitment, irreversible commitment, towards more a progressive, democratic society.

“Once it’s very clear, that’s the right time to make my appearance here,” he said in reply to a question from the floor about the timing of his visit.

Being a close friend of Myanmar for many years, Malaysia has been urging the country to reform and has extended assistance during difficult times.

“We are friends during difficult times,” Najib said, “We will continue to be friends in the future.”

At the press conference, Najib was also asked if he was going to meet Suu Kyi, a former political detainee.

He said that he would probably consider meeting her in the future.

Source : Bernama

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