Najib: Look After Wellbeing Of Industrial Workers To Raise Productivity

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SHAH ALAM, Jan 7 (Bernama) — Industrial sector employers should look after the wellbeing of their workers as this would raise employees’ productivity and thus enabling the companies concerned to reap profits and give better pay, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Please look after the welfare of the workers,” he said when making the call to chief executive officers and representatives of companies present at the meeting between the Prime Minister and Selangor Industry Workers at the Proton Holdings Berhad factory at Section 26, here.

Najib gave an example how Sime Darby Plantations achieved better profits after he decided to raise the salary of the estate workers of the government-linked company (GLC) by RM300 so that their income exceeded the poverty line.

“The Sime Darby management reported back to me that the Sime Darby earnings increased following the decision. Why? Because if the workers had skipped work in the past, there was high absenteeism, now they no longer skip work because they know they were getting better income.

“Sime Darby’s profits increased, the workers’ welfare is safeguarded. This is the policy adopted by the government today,” he said at the gathering attended by more than 30,000 industrial sector managements and workers.

Najib said the workers too must be determined to raise productivity in order to help the companies to achieve profits.

“But on condition that the employees must work, there must be productivity, right? If productivity rises, there will also be a pay rise, right? If the productivity rises and the company makes profits, we can even give the bonus,” he said.

Najib said many more would be done for the workers as long as the Barisan Nasional government was given the mandate to rule the country.

“We will give more benefits, we know how to administer the country. We have the experience, you can trust us because we have the experince to lead this nation,” he added.

He attributed the success of the industrial sector in Malaysia to three factors, namely efficient management with integrity; productive workers; and an experienced government in administration that provided the necessary support.

“Imagine if we have a government that is not supportive but burdensome, if we have a government that makes incorrect policies,” he said.

Citing Proton’s existence, Najib said he had personally seen the latest models developed by Proton which had become a symbol of transformation to the national car maker.

Proton was developing new automotive technology using electricity including for buses and lorries which had the potentials to be marketed globally if the tests carried out on these new models were successful, he said.

Thus, Najib hoped industry workers would support the government’s transformation programme to turn Malaysia into a developed nation by 2020 and the workers would enjoy more benefits through the struggles of the Barisan Nasional government.

He said the government was making promises based on reality unlike those without the experience to administer the country who would promise all kinds of things including the moon, stars and the galaxy because they had yet to gain power.

He said the government could still continue to give subsidy on basic necessities such as flour, fuel, giving initial schooling aid of RM100 to every pupil and the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) amounting to RM500 each household because it could still afford to do so although the counry was still in a deficit.

The Prime Minister said the country’s deficit last year declined because of the improved efficiency by the Inland Revenue Board which raised its collection by RM22 billion in the year 2010.

Najib said those who claimed that the government had to borrow from the World Bank to give the BR1M were lying because the government gave the aid following the increase in tax collection.

Source : Bernama

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