Najib hails Japanese for their honour, discipline and fortitude

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TOKYO: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak paid tribute to the people of Japan for their honour, discipline and fortitude in facing the aftermath of the March earthquake and tsunami.

The Prime Minister, in expressing Malaysia’s deepest sympathies, said these Japanese qualities that had steered Japan to dizzying heights of economic success would continue to play a big part in the country’s recovery.

“This is important, because ultimately any effort to meet Asia’s challenges and to rise above adversity will start, as it will end, with our people.

“Yes, we will need to put in place the physical structure, the industrial capacity, the technology and of course the finance. But above all, we will need dynamic and resilient human capital. So we must nurture and develop the very best of human capital,” he said.

In his address at the 17th Nikkei International Conference here, the Prime Minister said Malaysia would continue to support Japan’s efforts to tackle a situation that has been described as the toughest since the Second World War.

“But Malaysia’s commitment to Japan in your hour of need is much more that just a dialogue between governments, it is an understanding between peoples,” he said.

Later during a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto, Najib said Japan ap- preciated the sympathy shown and contributions given by the Govern­ment and Malaysians.

“The foreign minister who came to see me as the prime minister is away for the Group of Eight summit also expressed Japan’s gratitude for Malaysia’s decision to lift the travel ban advisory.

“He also thanked Malaysia for its decision to make it easier for Japan to export its food products to the country. Now they only need the certificate of origin instead of checks on all food products,” Najib said.

Source : The Star

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