Najib: Fractionalism can divide Umno

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PEKAN: Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the party never promised to grant contracts and APs to its members and its only promise is that it will take care of the people as best as it can.

“Don’t sabotage the party just because you did not get what you want,” he said when closing the Pekan Umno delegates meeting here yesterday.

He added, however, the people should understand his abilities and limits in solving their problems.

He apologised to Umno members he could not personally meet them due to his hectic schedules as Prime Minister but welcomed those with legitimate welfare problems rather than those with personal or business interests.

Earlier, when opening the meeting, Najib warned party members to stay away from fractional politics.

Such politics, he said, could divide the party and affect its performance at the next general election.

The Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional chief advised party members to avoid putting each other down, urging them instead to place the party’s interest ahead of personal interests.

“Fractional politics undermine the performance of a party for elections.

“When it’s time for elections we must do what is best for the party first,” he said, adding that fractionalism normally existed at the grassroots level and could lead to destruction if left unchecked.

Recalling his near loss in the 1999 general election, he said the problem was one of the reasons for his low majority of 241 votes.

“There will be conflicting interests among groups who are not aligned to the candidate picked for the elections.

“The different factions will scheme and plot a plan to topple the candidate and this goes on every night.

“It is a disease that has existed since the early days till now,” said Najib, adding that such problems could be solved if every party member came to their senses and fight only for Umno.

On preparations for the general election, which is due to be held by March 2013, Najib said it should be done properly and systematically and would be too risky if things were carried out at the last minute.

“It is akin to making preparations for an examination.

“Mugging at the last minute and making spot questions are risky. If the right questions are asked, it is okay but what happens if different questions are posed? You will be out of the hall in five minutes.”

On the Opposition, Najib said they had failed to come up with their so-called shadow Cabinet although it had been three years since the last general election.

“It simply shows their coalition is a loose one and they have trouble in dividing the portfolios among them.

“Their Road-to-Putrajaya’ campaign is just a gimmick to dupe the people,” he added.

Later, Najib visited one of his outriders, Sgt Maj Yazid Mohamed, who is in a coma after an accident on Friday.

He arrived at Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday evening.

Yazid, 45, was on his way to the federal police headquarters after riding escort for Najib, who was heading to Kelantan, to the Royal Malaysian Air Force base in Subang, when his motorcycle skidded and crashed after the Jalan Duta toll plaza. He has been with the Special Action Unit for 16 years.

Source : The Star

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