Najib: Era of excessive control is over

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PUTRAJAYA, April 9- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today acknowledged the era of excessive control and the attitude of “government knows best” is over.

Speaking during the unveiling of his new administration team, Najib said the government would only be able to achieve its goals if it was united with the people to ensure peace and prosperity.

“We will work towards establishing a government for all people.”

Among his priorities are renewing the economy to overcome the global recession, establishing a united society based on trust and mutual respect, poverty eradication while increasing real income, improving the national education system and involving all Malaysians in the political process and national agenda.

“My message to my new cabinet is to remember the people’s expectations that we will not only perform but listen to them while being committed to working toward a One Malaysia”.

Najib acknowledged the government would face obstacles but said he believed there was no problem in the country that could not be solved with the “greatness, ability, skills and talents of the people.”

Najib said he would be involved directly in monitoring the performance of each minister every six months.

He said key performance indicators (KPIs) would also be introduced in each ministry to measure their impact and performance to ensure the public gets a civil service which is “value for money.”

A minister in the prime minister department will also be appointed to monitor the performance indicators for each ministry.

He said this new portfolio will also instill a new creative approach in shaping national unity in line with the concept of “One Malaysia, People First and Performance Priority”.

Source : Malaysian Insider

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