Najib denies making 1987 anti-Chinese remarks

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Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today denied that he had uttered anti-Chinese statements in 1987, vowing to bathe the keris with Chinese blood.

Najib (left) made the clarification when asked by veteran parliamentarian Karpal Singh (Bukit Gelugor-DAP) if the latter had uttered the racist statement at an Umno Youth rally in Kampung Baru 22 years ago.

Karpal, during supplementary question time, also wanted to know if the premier was prepared to ask for forgiveness for the statement in-line with his ‘1Malaysia’ slogan

The opposition parliamentarian also said that Najib’s famous ‘1Malaysia’ concept, launched three months, was a leaf from DAP’s ‘Malaysians Malaysia’ slogan.

The Prime Minister, however, explained that his ‘1Malaysia’ concept was different from DAP’s ‘Malaysians Malaysia’.

“There is a vast difference in the concepts… ‘Malaysians Malaysia’ is not drafted based on the constitution,” he said.

Najib added there was no need for him to ask for forgiveness over the alleged racist statement, as it never happened.

Today marked Najib’s first Parliament session after he took over from former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in March.

‘1Malaysia is not a new concept’

The proceedings began with Najib explaining his ‘1Malaysia’ concept to Tenggara BN parliamentarian  Halimah Mohd Sadique, who asked the premier to state how it was beneficial to the ‘Vision 2020’ concept.

Najib said that the concept, designed to foster unity among the various races in the country, is not new and had been implemented by past leaders.

Fielding questions by MPs, both from the government and the opposition, the premier said the formula for unity had evolved over five decades since independence.

He explained that his ‘1Malaysia’ formula is to help the nation achieve the goals of Vision 2020 and to establish nationhood amongst the rakyat.

DAP’s vision not in line with constitution

“If Bangsa Malaysia, inspired by Vision 2020, is in its final stages, then 1Malaysia is a guide to help speed  us to towards achieving the goal,” he said.

Najib added that the 1Malaysia is nothing like the DAP’s slogan of ‘Malaysians Malaysia’ which he said deviated from the spirit of the constitution.

“People should not be fearful or be apprehensive because 1Malaysia ensures the ethnic identity of each race is respected and it is an asset which we are proud of,” he said.

He added that the concept helps promote harmony among the races and celebrates their uniqueness which is vital for the development and smooth progress of the nation.

Source : Malaysiakini

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