Najib defends action against Sivakumar

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Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has somewhat defended the manner in which Pakatan Rakyat’s ousted Perak speaker V Sivakumar was dragged out of the House yesterday.

Speaking to reporters in Kuala Lumpur today, he said Sivakumar “should have vacated his seat” since he was no longer the speaker.
“I don’t know… he did not want to vacate his seat. When he is no longer the speaker, then he should have vacated his place,” he added.

According to him, the chaotic proceedings in the Perak state assembly has tarnished the nation’s image although Malaysia practiced a “mature democracy”.

“Our government is holding firm to constitutional rights and democracy. If we do not respect this practice, then it would be no less than a jungle law,” he said.

Even if both sides of the political divide have different principles, the premier stressed that “they shouldn’t have forced their principles on others.”

Najib also brushed aside suggestions that the defections of three former Pakatan assemblypersons to Barisan Nasional had caused the political instability in Perak.

“It is normal for a politician to jump ship. Even (former British prime minister) Winston Churchill defected from the Labour party to the Conservative party.

“So what is the problem when someone defects? Don’t forget there was an attempt to topple the government using the same method last Sept 16 (by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim).

“If that is acceptable, how come we can’t accept three people leaving a party and supporting BN?” he asked.

Yesterday, Sivakumar was forcibly dragged out from his chair while BN-appointed speaker R Ganesan ran the proceedings.

ISA release not to divert attention

Meanwhile, Najib also denied that the government’s decision to free 13 Internal Security Act detainees, including the remaining three Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders, was to divert the public’s attention from the Perak assembly sitting.

He was responding to a statement by self-exiled Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy.

“No, (it is not). Whatever we (the government) do, it will be bad in their eyes.

“If we release them, they would say bad things about us, if we keep them detained, they would say we are repressive. Please decide what you want,” he said, looking vexed.

According to Najib, he has been practicing a “principle of liberties” since he took over the highest post in the country in April.

“The opposition claims we are a repressive government with this security (law), but (with this release) it shows that they are wrong.

“If these people are not a threat to the country, we will not detain them even for one day,” explained the premier.

Najib also defended the police’s action with regards to the mass arrests over the past three days pertaining to the Perak imbroglio where over 100 people had been arrested.

“They have the responsibility to maintain law and order in the country. I cannot micro manage the police as they have to decide on their own what they want to do,” he said.

Source : Malaysiakini

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