Najib: Cops acted professionally during rallies

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KUALA LUMPUR: Police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers will decide whether to press charges against organisers of Saturday’s illegal rallies, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister also dismissed claims of police brutality, adding that police personnel had used minimum force when acting against the demonstrators.

“Police had used minimum force and there was no actual physical contact with the demonstrators,” said Najib at a press conference here yesterday.

He also commended the police for their success in dealing with the demonstrators, adding that police personnel had acted professionally.

“Even when the demonstrators were arrested, they were given food and a place to perform prayers,” he said.

On the special explanation session, Najib said the party held a special session to explain current issues, including the Bersih illegal rally, to its division leaders and supporters comprising Malay-based non-governmental organisations.

“The situation demands an honest explanation to party members and our supporters. They want to know the Government’s stand and as Prime Minister and Umno president, I have to explain the issue to them clearly,” he said.

As for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Najib called the Opposition Leader an opportunist who masterminded the illegal rally.

He described the rally as a desperate plan by Anwar to manipulate the people to gain their support.

Najib said Anwar’s position was affected by the growing support of the people for the Government, following the various economic development policies that had been implemented.

Asked whether it was all right for him to leave for his official overseas engagement, the Prime Minister said he would return if a situation warranted his presence here.

“I am in communication all the time. It does not matter if I am in Turkmenistan or Kota Kinabalu.

“We can always make decisions and issue instructions (from anywhere) but if it requires my presence, I can hop on the plane and be back in a jiffy,” he said.

Najib will leave for official engagements in Turkmenistan, Britain and Vatican City from today and is expected to return on July 26.

Source : The Star

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