Najib chides BN leaders obsessed with posts instead of serving people

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 – Datuk Seri Najib Razak today scolded Barisan Nasional leaders who were too obsessed with party posts, saying they should focus on the people and regain support for the ruling federal government coalition after its dismal Election 2008 results.

“Sometimes we are too obsessed with political positions in our own parties. We struggle to the end to get positions within our parties, even in Umno,” the Barisan chairman said when opening the PPP annual assembly here

The prime minister picked the most obvious event to criticise internal politicking as PPP has been in crisis with two “presidents” after expelled Youth chief Datuk T. Murugiah was declared as president in a recent emergency general meeting.

It has led to the Registrar of Societies having to decide whether president Datuk M. Kayveas, recently returned unopposed, or Murugiah is the legitimate leader of the party.

Najib said the fight for posts was a problem within the Barisan, which has been in power for so long and has not realised that “nostalgia, sentiment and even kindness” can be forgotten.

Instead, Barisan must “feel the pulse of the people” and “not think it is business as usual.

“When will we learn and change? Losing two-thirds of parliament and four states should be lesson enough,” Najib said, adding that Barisan parties must accept the reality that it was the ruling coalition’s worse ever performance in its 52 years in power.

He added that a “tsunami” was an accurate description for the last general elections as “it is a phenomenon where you do not see the waves until it is too late.”

“Do not underestimate the Malaysian public, who can smile and shake your hand but inside they say wait until elections and I will show my power,” he warned.

But Najib also asked PPP not to be disheartened by being completely wiped out in the March 8 general elections last year.

He called on the party not to be “fairweather friends” but continue to work hard alongside other Barisan component parties.

“It is okay to change seats, as long as you remain on the same mat,” Najib told the party members.

Kayveas had hinted in the past that PPP was unhappy with Barisan and was thinking of going independent.

Murugiah, however, has pledged that he will keep PPP within Barisan, chiding Kayveas for making such threats.

Source : The Malaysian Insider

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