Najib Calls For Racial Acceptance

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tonight called on all Malaysians to shift from racial tolerance to acceptance because it can bring strength to the country.

He said the paradigm shift was necessary so that no race would feel they only need to be tolerant with others when they also need to accept other races to form a plural society in Malaysia.

“To be tolerant alone, some may not like it but if the attitude is changed to acceptance, the plural society concept will be seen not just unique but also brings strength to our country,” he said at the SPM 2008 Excellent Student Award ceremony here.

He said the concept was in line with 1Malaysia and if fully understood, it also could bring the country to greater success.

The Prime Minister said that for the government, it was important to identify the needs of each ethnic groups in the country and formulate policies based on the needs of each community.

He said the needs of all races had to be taken into account because that way, the government would be seen as fair and just to all races.

He also reminded the people of the importance of education because education could ensure big changes not only to individuals and their families but also the country.

He said the government placed human capital development as a main strategy to achieve the national objective of ensuring the people earn high income and this aim could only be achieved through mastering knowledge.

“Nothing else is more important than to develop the right people with the right skills, right mindset… those will determine whether we can achieve our goals,” he said.

On the achievement of Indian students, Najib hoped the Indian community could work harder to boost the performance of their children.

“I want to see Indian children in the country achieve more excellent results in the future,” he said.

He said the government had approved additional allocations for the development of the Indians in education including to build more Tamil schools.

This showed the government’s commitment and message to develop Malaysia based on the principle and spirit of 1Malaysia, he said.

The SPM 2008 Excellent Student Award ceremony was organised by the Malaysia Nanban newspaper for 172 Indian students who excelled in SPM examinations last year.

Source : Bernama

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