Najib Calls For Benchmark Standard Islamic Management

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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today called for the formulation of a standard Islamic management as the benchmark for Islamic practices and services among administrators of Islamic affairs in the country.

He said this was important to elevate the functional role of Islamic affairs officers as administrators, managers, consultants and advisors in matters pertaining to religion.

“The government is most committed to the development of Islam since independence and sees the need to empower the structure of religious administration in line with current needs,” he said when launching the Islamic Management Transformation Carnival at the Putra World Trade Centre, here.

Najib said public officers in religious departments and religious teachers should be critical and constructive in their thinking in carrying out their responsibilities and seek creative and innovative solutions.

This was necessary for the religious department and institutions to continue to excel in serving the people, he said.

“These officers require various skills to enhance the competency of Islamic affairs officers in the religious field to be recognised as truly professional,” he said.

Najib said an organisation which wants to be defined as dynamic has to change and move forward in line with the times, the environment and needs of the people.

Religious institutions should also provide excellent service and reinforce civil society based on a systematic development plan for Muslims to remain relevant, he said.

He said the most important fundamental changes in the development of an organisation were changes in the soul and mind which also involved cultural changes in terms of values.

The values in this case refer to matters regarded as important by a society, encompassing knowledge, moral, economic, power, arts and other values in order of importance, he added.

“Development and transformation in Islam are collective capabilities to elevate the overall prosperity of society in this world and the hereafter in a harmonious and dynamic process,” he said.

Besides, the government was also highly committed to supporting transformation in the Islamic management system for the good of the country, he said.

Najib said institutions, particularly those associated with religious affairs, would continue to be empowered with bigger allocations.

Furthermore, he said, the government respected the authority of the states in religious matters and would, from time to time, find avenues to strengthen Islamic administration in the country.

At the event, Najib launched a book “Pendekatan Wasatiyyah Dalam Menghayati 1Malaysia” which explains the idea of taking the middle path in the 1Malaysia concept.

Source : Bernama

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