My Ramadhan And Syawal This Year In A Glance

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Aidilfitri Celebration with Malaysians in Brunei – 12 September 2011

Alhamdulillah yesterday I was able to celebrate Hari Raya with Malaysians in Brunei in conjunction with my working visit there. Here are some pictures taken of the event. I also included here pictures of several of the many Breaking Fast events I attended during Ramadhan as well as my Hari Raya Open House held at Seri Perdana last 1 Syawal.

I am grateful to be able to not only meet and break fast with various groups in Malaysia, but also to be able to perform the Tarawikh prayers every night during Ramadhan this year. These opportunities to meet the Rakyat are meaningful to me, and because of this, I am considering more approaches which will enable me to spend more time with you, the Rakyat, in the future.


Breaking of Fast with Members of the Media at Wisma Bernama – 15 August 2011

Once again I had the opportunity to meet and break fast with friends from the Malaysian media. I also spent some time visiting the operations office of Wisma Bernama.


Breaking of Fast with Selangor Rakyat – 17 August 2011

I spent time with some 10,000 people living around the Sri Perantau Apartments in Pelabuhan Klang. Whilst there I gave out some contribution from the Federal Government to 128 mosques and surau within the Kapar Parliamentary constituency and some special contribution to the Persatuan Warga Emas Bandar Baru Sultan Sulaiman.


Breaking of Fast with Ulamas, Muftis, Islamic Puritanical (Dakwah) NGOs, Imam Associations, PERKIM and Office of the Religious Advisor – 22 August 2011

Held at the Seri Perdana, the event was also attended by orphans from the Asrama Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Kajang.


Breaking of Fast with BN’s Pemuda and Wanita Wing, Youth NGOs and Staff Unions – 11 August 2011

Also present at this event were orphans from the Darul Ruqayyah, Bangi and Darul Kifayah, Kuala Lumpur as well as their teachers.


Breaking of Fast with Pertubuhan Warisan Persahabatan Malaysia (SAHABAT) – 9 August 2011

It was an honour to have the members of Sahabat present at my Breaking of Fast event in Seri Perdana. It was also attended by children from several orphanages.


Paying the Zakat Fitrah – 26 August 2011

I took the opportunity to fulfill my obligations to pay the Zakat Fitrah as I was performing the Friday prayers at the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya.


2011 Aidilfitri Open House – 30 August 2011

My deepest gratitude to those who came to Seri Perdana to attend the Aidilfitri Open House of me and my Cabinet Ministers. Apart from the foreign diplomats, political leaders and foreign tourists, the large presence of the Rakyat was very much appreciated.

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