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My posting was about Shafie being the minister that asked me the most for... - Najib Razak

My posting was about Shafie being the minister that asked me the most for…

By Wednesday July 15th, 2020 No Comments

My posting was about Shafie being the minister that asked me the most for selective tenders instead of open tenders.

And he was among the very very few ministers who would write appeal letters when we rejected his requests for selective tenders.

And that if Shafie becomes PM then he no longer need to write such request and appeal letters anymore as he can then directly approve direct negotiations or selective tenders just like what is happening in Sabah now including the recent direct awards for road resurfacing contracts worth RM1.5 billion awarded in January this year – including to a company with the same directors named in the recent corruption charges against Peter Anthony..

It seems that he wants to prove me correct by showing more letters of selective tenders that he had requested me before?

It is also not true that I am only targeting him because he is named as one of the several PM candidates for PH.

As Mkini is aware, I have been writing on a wide range of issues daily since PRU14.

This include my criticism of how Warisan formed the backdoor government in Sabah with Tun Mahathir’s help when Tun threatened and used SPRM to harass the Sabah BN ADUNs which caused many to jump sheep.

Other issues which I have raised before is my criticism of him appointing a warisan member and contractor who was remanded for the Air Sabah corruption scandal as the director of Air Sabah after they won.

I had also criticized him for still retaining that said contractor as director of Air Sabah despite the high court ruling that his appointment is unconstitutional.

And recently, I had also pointed out that the said director for Sabah Water had signed a letter to select a company with the same owners with the Penang Tunnel concession company for the RM3 billion Papar Dam the day after the said director’s position was ruled as illegal by the courts and despite Warisan promising before GE14 that they will abolish this project if they win.

I had also raised that he had selected Peter Anthony who was his contractor when he was a Federal minister to become Sabah Minister for infrastructure projects after GE14 and for still allowing Peter to continue in his position despite Peter being charged in court many times for corruption.

I had also raised concern why the Sabah Government is not going after Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew despite Christina Liew owing RM557 million to the Sabah Government as awarded by the high court 6 years ago in 2014.

And I had also pointed out that Sabah recorded the lowest GDP growth of all states in 2018 with just 1.5% despite Sabah registering the highest growth of all states just the year before in 2017 with 8.2%.

So it is not true that I am targeting him now because he has been named as PM candidate.

Perhaps he did not notice all the above criticism in the past when he was not named PM candidate yet?

Najib berkata adalah tidak benar beliau mensasarkan presiden Warisan itu selepas namanya diumum sebagai salah seorang calon perdana menteri oleh PH.

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