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The 1Week That Was (21– 27 Nov 2011)

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Biotechnology projects have created an impact as Entry Point Projects (EPPs) under the NKEAs of Agriculture, Healthcare, Palm Oil & Related Products as well as Oil & Gas. With the unveiling of Malaysia’s Biomass Strategy at the recent BioMalaysia Conference and Exhibition 2011, new high-value industries will be created, along with some 70,000 jobs, of which 40,000 will be highly-skilled.


We need more new creative solutions such as the “Jiwa Murni” road building project connecting Ba’Kelalan and Bario in Sarawak which was both cost effective as well as time saving. I am very glad that the road has brought many positive effects to the community of both areas, notably the drop in the price of food, LPG and building materials.


We have succeeded in developing SMEs, however several positive and bold steps need to be taken to ensure its growth is in tandem with developed countries. Our SMEs productivity compared with theirs is still low – theirs is four to five times higher. The six high impact programmes I announced at the SME Development Council meeting are aimed at boosting SME growth to 8.7 percent by 2020.


The Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 was tabled in Parliament, part of the Government’s revolutionary steps to improve individual rights. It is important to remember that the rights to assemble must also coincide with the rights of those who want freedom and peace to continue with their lives. The government has the responsibility to ensure that security and public peace is protected all the time.


At the launch ceremony of the Bumiputera Transformation Roadmap, I highlighted that while it directly benefits the Bumiputera community, the rest of Malaysians will also enjoy the spillover effects.

Muslims welcome the new year 1433H with Maal Hijrah prayers. I performed the prayers at the National Mosque, accompanying Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan, along with other ministers and some 3,000 Muslims.


At the national level 1433H Maal Hijrah celebration in Putrajaya, Tuanku Mizan addressed that a truly united society could only be created in this country through mutual respect and understanding. I also agree with His Highness when he explained that social moderation meant people should always act in a civil manner in all instances and not act rashly and cruelly towards anyone.

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