Thank you for suggestions & the comments on Stimulus Package II

My thanks to everybody who submitted their suggestions and comments over the past week.

The Government is currently consulting with various parties to formulate a stimulus package that will target specific areas of the economy and groups that will be most vulnerable to the global financial crisis. I am monitoring the situation closely and on a daily basis.

Some of the comments and suggestions are very useful. Your input is being analysed and will help us formulate and prioritise the final package. I will discuss these proposals with the appropriate parties to identify which are suitable and how they can be incorporated into the package to yield maximum benefits to the majority of the rakyat.

Some of your ideas relating to tax and labour were inspired and prompted a lot of discussion in my office. We will continue to deliberate on these and other suggestions in the days ahead.

I look forward to further suggestions and feedback from you and I thank you for the overwhelming response and for the many suggestions, proposals and fair comments via 1Malaysia. Your participation is indicative of the commitment of Malaysian citizens to participate in developing solutions to the challenges we all share. That’s what 1Malaysia is all about.

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