Thank You

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We have just been through the biggest, most competitive exercise in democracy our country has ever seen. In every kampung, town and city, people have been debating, campaigning, and voting for the future of our nation. And I have been truly humbled by the efforts of all those who have stood by me and my coalition.

I am writing to say thank you – to all those who campaigned for us, and to all those who placed their trust in us at the ballot box.

I have had the privilege of serving the people for most of my career. I remember the first time I was elected as an MP, the first time I spoke in parliament, the first time I took responsibility for a government department. And over the last few years I have had the privilege of serving our country as Prime Minister.

But the biggest privilege of all is that you have now given me the chance to finish what I have started. There have been a lot of strong views and different ideas over the last few weeks. There has been passion, and sometimes even anger. It was a long and hard-fought election. Now it’s time to move towards national reconciliation.

We will make efforts so that any form of extremism and racism that is unhealthy for Malaysia is tackled. And we will continue to promote moderation among multiracial Malaysians – my government will place great importance on racial harmony and national unity.

I promise you today that I will be a Prime Minister for all Malaysians – whatever your race, religion, state or political views. I love my country and I’m proud of how far we have progressed. And I know that by working together as one nation, our best days are still to come.

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