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Take A Seat At the 1Malaysia Roundtable

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I have mentioned previously how important it is to use new ways, various ways to engage and interact with the rakyat. While my schedule has been hectic, I often take the opportunity to update my online platforms so that we can continue to connect with each other.

I also believe that you visit my website, read my blogs, Facebook posts and tweets, and sign up for events with me because you are interested in enhancing our interaction on a wide variety of issues affecting us as 1Malaysia. You want your thoughts and ideas to be heard and considered. Likewise, I value your thoughts and ideas to shape Malaysia’s transformation. While my blog has provided numerous opportunities for us to share these ideas, it has been more of an open space for the Rakyat to discuss a multitude of issues. In this regard, I observed that for a well-focused discussion to take place, a suitable environment, equipped with the right resources and experts, must be provided.

This is the genesis of the online 1Malaysia Roundtable, which will begin this coming Monday, 13th June. The online 1Malaysia Roundtable will allow us – all Malaysians, regardless of our geographic location, our profession or our age – to provide fair and constructive comments, suggestions or ideas to better the lives and the people of Malaysians, moderated by some of the most respected and celebrated individuals of our nation.

The concept of the Roundtable has long been in existence, and is used by members of a community to discuss issues in a respectful manner. At the roundtable, everyone’s right to speak is observed, and everyone’s input is valued. The 1Malaysia Roundtable transforms this concept to fit a growing online community, tailored to the needs of Malaysian citizens.

I thought and wanted to also experiment with this unique online idea – that this could be another way of all Malaysians to interact not just with me but amongst all of us. Hence, over the past month, I have informed my office to engage a number of Malaysians who are recognised as icons or role models in their respective fields – of diverse backgrounds, and even some who are based abroad. These individuals or Subject Matter Experts (SMEX) will join me in guiding you through various discussions, and in gathering your ideas for my review and consideration. Yes, these discussions I invite you partake in are meant to glean fresh ideas and input, derived from a healthy and intellectual discussion among fellow Malaysians. These SMEX are committed to shed some light on issues, share their time and experience to help you shape your ideas, and finally present to me the key highlights of your discussion for further study or consideration for implementation. Among the areas that will be discussed include the fields of economy, national unity, health, youth participation and sports.

In July, I intend to personally lead a discussion to generate ideas from the public for the 2012 National Budget, similar to what I have done through my blog in preparing for the two previous Budgets. I have also scheduled a special session to meet our 1Malaysia Roundtable SMEX and will tweet more about it in due course. These individuals are listed below.

Before I end,I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the SMEX who have taken the time to be part of this initiative to build a better nation, a better 1Malaysia. Thank you. I hope all of us will take this opportunity to come together and produce ideas and creative solutions. Do inform your family and friends so that we can get as many suggestions as possible. I look forward to participating in the 1Malaysia Roundtable when it goes live on Monday, just as I look forward to discovering fresh ideas and potential solutions from you, the Rakyat. Mr Shebby Singh – now it’s over to you to kick off our first topic of the unprecedented online 1Malaysia Roundtable: “Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle at School Level”.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEX)

Serbegeth “Shebby” Singh – former national football player & football pundit
Tan Sri Tony Fernandes – corporate leader
Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing – educator & creativity expert
Lisa Surihani – actress & television personality
Aznil Hj Nawawi – television personality
Low Ngai Yuen – Television and theatre personality
Pua Khein Seng – inventor of the Pendrive
Datuk Marimuthu Nadason – President of FOMCA (Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations)
Amy Search – recording artiste
Pete Teo – musician, actor, producer
David Lian – Social media expert
Datuk K. Rajagobal – national football coach
Dr. Chandra Muzaffar – Chairman of Yayasan 1Malaysia
Anas Zubedy – 1Malaysia and national unity advocate
Dato’ Dr. Mahani Zainal Abidin – CEO, Institute of Strategic and International Studies
Johan Mahmood Merican – CEO, Talent Corporation
Dr. Maketab Mohamed – President, Malaysian Nature Society
Dr. Faizal Parish – Director, Global Environment Centre
Datuk Lee Chong Wei – World No. 1 badminton player
Azizulhasni Awang – national cyclist
Jazeman Jaafar – Formula 3 race driver
Ho Ro Bin – former wushu World Champion
Azlan Iskandar – national squash player
Mohammad Noh Salleh – Lead Singer for Hujan

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