PM’s Birthday Wish For Continued Peace

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KANGAR, July 23 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak turns 58 Saturday with a birthday wish for continued peace for Malaysia.

The Prime Minister said that he also wished that all the big plans the government had for Malaysia will be realised.

Najib, on a day-long visit to Perlis, regarded today as a normal working day despite it being his birthday.

“Today is a normal day for me and I wanted to visit Perlis … whether it’s my birthday or not I am doing my utmost for the people,” he said to reporters after meeting leaders of Perlis Barisan Nasional component parties here.

He was asked to comment on a Global Peace Index 2011 report which put Malaysia as 19th safest of 153 countries in the world, the most peaceful in Southeast Asia, and fourth in Asia-Pacific after New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

Najib said that Malaysia achieved the ranking through its own efforts and the security and values systems it created.

“The values system that we have been fostering make almost all Malaysians hate violence. It is the best protection of all that we reject extremism, militancy and violence,” he said.

On his meeting with state BN leaders, Najib said he hoped the coalition would win all three parliamentary and 15 state seats in the next general election.

In 2008, the Perlis BN won all seats except two state constituencies.

At a meeting with management personnel of Chinese and Indian National Type Primary Schools in Arau near here, Najib said the unity of races would contribute towards making Malaysia a developed nation.

He said the government had never sidelined Chinese and Tamil schools as it appreciated the contributions of Malaysians of all races.

“Others may claim to have contributed to Chinese and Tamil schools but the fact is that the government has given much more,” he said. The Prime Minister presented RM10,000 each to seven schools.

Source : Bernama

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