Najib Says Malaysia Will Review Foreign Investment Policies

April 17 (Bloomberg) — Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said the government will review the guidelines on foreign investment in the country. He spoke to reporters in Klang, outside the capital Kuala Lumpur, today.

On the further easing of foreign-investment rules:

“We will review whatever policies that will not be good for business, but we need a bit of time to study all the current policies to make sure whatever decision that we make is well- received, not only by the business community, but also by the people. The people above all must accept the policies of the government.”

On the review of gas and electricity tariffs:

“It has to be taken in a holistic manner. One is the position of Tenaga Nasional Bhd., the other one is the position of the industries” and the third consideration is “our own natural capacity, in terms of the reserves of oil and gas that we have.

“All these things have got to be taken into account in a holistic manner. I don’t know yet” when the next review will be.
“I will study the matter.”

On the increase in highway toll rates:

“I have directed the Economic Planning Unit to suggest to the government a comprehensive solution to tackle the toll-hike issue, which is a burden to the people and the government.”

On whether the government would acquire toll-road operator PLUS Expressways Bhd.:

“We’re looking at every option but it’s too early for me to say what will be done by the government.” A toll increase “is an issue that the people dislike very much.”

–With reporting from Soraya Permatasari in Kuala Lumpur. Editor: Stephanie Phang

Source : Bloomberg

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