Najib: Objectives of Umno general assembly met

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KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told Umno delegates Saturday that the four objectives he had set for the 2011 General Assembly had been realised.

He said in his winding up speech that the four objectives were to showcase that Umno was united, was ready and prepared to face the 13th general election, that the delegates fully endorsed and backed the Government Transformation Programme, and to give a clear message to the 12.4 million voters and 28 million Malaysians that they could place their trust and confidence in Umno to lead them to a brighter future.

These are among the other key points in Najib’s winding up speech:

* While the economies of Western countries are being shaken, Malaysia’s economy is stable and is the result of Umno’s leadership. The people can lay their trust in us to lead Malaysia.

* The Opposition hurls accusations and lies but is unable to keep its own house in order. They claimed many Barisan Nasional MPs were going to cross over, but nothing happened. In fact, 6 MPs, 4 assemblymen and many high-ranking leaders from the Opposition parties have defected. The Opposition speaks of supporting democracy, but do they practice democracy in their own party?

* Opposition claims the election process is flawed. If so, how did they win Selangor and other seats?

* PAS is being used by DAP. If PAS is truly an Islamic party, it must leave the Opposition pact.

* Let there not be anymore in-fighting in Umno. We must have team spirit. If we analyse matters, we lost many seats because there were Umno members who betrayed their own party.

* Malaysians must decide if they want a brighter future by choosing Barisan Nasional or the tragic path of the Opposition.

* Our recent wins in elections are indications that the transformation within the party has started showing results.

* All party members, defend and protect Umno, and victory will certainly be ours.

Source : The Star

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