Najib: Government must correct any unfairness felt by citizens

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government must correct any unfairness being felt by Malaysians to assure them of a better life, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said it was the Barisan Nasional Government’s avowed objective to get rid of everything unfair.

“The Government must assure the people that this is their blessed homeland,” he said when addressing more than 1,000 taxi drivers from the Klang Valley who received their approved offer letters as the first batch of cabbies to be given individual taxi permits.

Najib said the Cabinet agreed to reissue individual permits as cabbies were faced with unfair circumstances, such as working long hours and high costs.

“But the person who possesses the permit does not have to bear this hardship,” he pointed out.
Popular leader: Taxi drivers rushing to shake hands with Najib after receiving their individual taxi permits Thursday.

Najib urged cabbies to put themselves in the shoes of their passengers and think about what the passengers would expect of them.

He had some simple but practical advice for them – be polite, friendly, honest, and go the extra mile for their passengers.

“After Immigration officers and airport staff, it is cabbies who give foreign visitors the first impression of the country,’’ he added.

Najib said cabbies could improve their skills by going for courses and suggested that they learn basic phrases in foreign languages to give a good impression to foreigners.

Entrepreneur and Corporative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar, who was also present, said 7,000 applications were received for the individual taxi permits.

On Najib’s suggestion that Malaysia should have its own distinctive taxi like the classic London cabs, Noh said that Najib had agreed to the ministry’s proposed “Malaysian cab”.

He said the spacious cab would have wheelchair access, a divider between the driver and passengers, portable convenience kiosk for sale of drinks and e-payment facility to pay not just the taxi fare but also telephone and electricity bills.

“The Deputy Prime Minister said he will ask Proton to design this car,” Noh said.

Source : The Star

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