Najib: Close ranks or lose everything

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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 3, 2011): Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak appealed for all Malaysians to support Umno and its component parties in Barisan Nasional (BN) or risk losing everything.

In his closing address of the Umno General Assembly today, Najib said the party and BN will be facing the most critical election, thus it is vital for Umno members to close ranks to ensure a big victory.

“We have to ensure we have a strong team because we are faced with the biggest challenge.

“It is up to us to see Malaysia progress with BN and Umno or meet tragedy with the opposition,” said Najib in his hour-long speech at Putra World Trade Centre today.

He added under the present Umno and BN leadership, plans are in place to ensure Malaysia will become a high income and developed nation in 10 years.

Najib who is also Umno president, said with the transformation plans, the country is in stable condition compared to its western counterparts.

“When I met with President Barrack Obama, (the US had) an unemployment rate of more than 9%.

“I told him Mr President, we have full employment in Malaysia. If the US has a growth of 1-2%, I told him Mr President, we had a 5.8% growth last quarter,” he said to the 2,711 delegates present.

Najib added that in “whatever” situation, the people can trust Umno and BN to lead Malaysia.

“We have never disappointed the people, we have never lied to the people, not like the groups over the other side,” Najib said lambasting the opposition.

Calling the Sept 16 plot by the opposition as the “biggest lie in the history of the country,” Najib said the opposition claims to be a champion but does not realise that its own party is in shambles.

He said that in the context of a developed nation, the Malay agenda must also be fulfilled and Malays must be seen as a successful race

“Who says we don’t have plans (to fulfil) the Malay or Bumiputra agenda,” questioned Najib.

He explained that when the 1Malaysia concept was launched, he never said that the Malay agenda would be sidelined.

“When I go and visit the estates or Chinese villages, it does not mean that my commitment for the Malays is any less,” said Najib.

He added that this was done to ensure there is support from all ethnic groups, as the future of Umno also depends on this support.

Najib also said Umno members should put their differences aside as the biggest transformation challenge lies on the party.

“Let there be no more in-fighting again in Umno. The party is on the right track, with the wins in the previous by-elections.

“If all members are united, the party can win anytime and anywhere,” he said.

Najib also said the assembly, which concluded today met its four objectives that were set.

The objectives were:

–To show that Umno is united and strong

–That the party is well prepared to fight in the next election battle so Umno can return as a party with dignity.

–To have the mandate of delegates for the government’s transformation plans

–To give a clear sign that Malaysians can place their confidence in Umno and that it can lead Malaysia to a bright future.

“Some may say that I am biased but I believe we have met all four objectives in this assembly,” he said.

At a press conference later, Najib said there are signs in this assembly that the party has fully recovered from the political tsunami it faced during the last general elections in March 2008.

Najib said based on his evaluation, the assembly was successful and a significant one in history.

“It is a sign that Umno has fully recovered after the last general elections. This is the revival of a new spirit, a realisation that we are facing a big challenge ahead.

“But with strong unity, and a greater commitment and confidence level, we will succeed in facing any tests to come,” he said.

On the next general elections, Najib was asked whether he would be happy with just a simple majority or whether he was determined to achieve nothing less than a two-third majority.

“We want a strong government. Whatever constitutes a strong government, that is what we want to aim for.

“Two-thirds is something which is ideal but what is important is a strong government. A strong government can be a comfortable working majority or can be two-third,” he said.

Asked how he evaluates Barisan Nasional’s chance in opposition-led states, Najib said BN is still confident of winning them back.

“But I don’t want to under-rate the opposition because, if we do this, it may be a mistakes.

“When we want to take over a state, it demands preparation and strategies which are greater than normal,” he added.

On his call asking elected representatives to bow out gracefully if they have overstayed, he said those not chosen as candidates in the next general election must be willing to give way to new faces.

He said there should not be any acts of sabotage or ill-feelings since delegates have pledged their full support and loyalty to the party during the assembly led by deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Source : The Sun Daily

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