"Kerana Mu Malaysia Maju"

When the government introduced Labour Day in Malaysia many decades ago, it was about national aspiration. And I agree. Today is about the future of our great country. It is about us all rising to the challenge of renewing Malaysia.

Today is also about recognising the contributions all Malaysians have made to the strength, prosperity and harmony of our country. The ordinary workers who have made Malaysia what it is.

So I would like to dedicate this Labour Day, 1 May 2009, to the social and economic achievements of Malaysian workers. Thank you – the results have been extraordinary. What has been built since we first honoured the Malaysian worker is extraordinary.

We must now inspire another generation of young Malaysians to continue our struggle. We must ensure that we are educating our young people so that they become the brightest and best, able to compete in a global marketplace. We must ensure that, in this time of economic crisis, we are providing jobs for workers and graduates.

That is why I have recently announced aggressive measures to create job opportunities, stimulate the economy and liberalise the services and financial sectors.

In these uncertain times, we should never forget that we are stronger together. Malaysia’s ethnic and religious diversity has been the foundation of our economic and social success. It must be preserved.

I sense a new energy and optimism. Together, as 1 Malaysia, we can achieve progress and prosperity for all.

Have a wonderful Labour Day.

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