I Hung Out with the Youth at the Suara Kami Concert

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When I received the tweet from Aznil Nawawi inviting me to the Suara Kami Concert, there were reservations. Firstly, I was not sure how my involvement would be. Secondly, I was a little worried that I would be asked to sing a tune at the concert, since everyone else who appeared onstage had some form of musical ability. I can speak, but not sing!

Then I thought of the thousands of youths who will be there. There were overwhelming retweets and responses online from the youth in particular and I felt from the heart that their voice must be heard too. These are a generation of Malaysians who often times feel that they are not taken seriously by their elders. They are an expressive generation who use creative means to communicate their thoughts, aspirations, and frustrations. I thought that by showing up and saying hello to them, they will know that I acknowledge their thoughts and aspirations for our beloved country. I felt obliged to attend after skimming through my Facebook and Twitter updates.

Looking back on that Saturday night, I am extremely glad that I made the decision to attend. I could feel the energy of the youth radiating from the crowd, despite the wet weather. They were there to enjoy themselves, but they were also there to celebrate our diversity and unity. It was a wonderful experience for me and my wife.

This has been a year of many first experiences for me, and I have enjoyed them all. Thank you to the organisers of the concert for the invitation, and for accommodating me at the last minute. Thank you to the young Malaysians who shook my hands and touched my heart with your vocal support and your tweets. I hope that my interaction with you at the concert will continue on through other platforms and ways. Although I do have a busy schedule and my time online is really limited, I hope we can continue to be connected online.

You can see more photos that I took of that night on Facebook, and a behind-the-scenes look on YouTube.

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