Government Policies May Spring From Roundtable Ideas, Says Najib

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PUTRAJAYA, July 27 (Bernama) — Some of the ideas and suggestions raised at the 1Malaysia Online Roundtable may be used in the formulation of government policies, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said the ideas might also be incorporated in the forthcoming budget, to be tabled in Parliament this October.

One of the benefits of the online roundtable was that the government would be able to feel the pulse of the people, he said.

“I hope to be able to utilise some of the ideas, suggestions and feedback,” he said in his remarks at the first 1Malaysia Online Roundtable with experts in various fields at the Prime Minister’s Office, here.

Chairman of Yayasan 1Malaysia Dr Chandra Muzaffar, football pundit Serbegeth ‘Shebby’ Singh, celebrity host Aznil Nawawi, ISIS CEO Datuk Dr Mahani Zainal Abidin and celebrity Lisa Surihani were among those who attended the discussion.

Najib said the involvement of outstanding personalities would provide the opportunity to reach out to Malaysians as the journey of transforming Malaysia required their support.

“We need them to understand and appreciate what it means to us to transform Malaysia and to engage the Malaysian public as an important aspect,” he said.

At a press conference, Najib said it was a productive discussion with the iconic figures and they had brought some important suggestions for consideration.

“We will try to respond accordingly. They also want to be involved in the follow through process as well. Once, I get their specific recommendations, we’ll look at them.

“For example, Shebby Singh has given me a report on How We Can Cultivate A Healthy Lifestyle at School Level. So, I will take it up to the appropriate ministry for the development of sports.

“And the people from the music industry have come up with some suggestions on how entertainers in this country are not being rewarded or barely rewarded. These are some of the things that we need to address,” he said.

Source : Bernama

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