General election a yardstick to party’s survival

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KUALA LUMPUR: Delegates to the 62th Umno general assembly have given party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak the full mandate to undertake the battle to face the upcoming 13th general election.

With cries of “Hidup BN” and “1Malaysia” resonating in the Merdeka Hall of Putra World Trade Centre, Najib secured delegates’ support for the upcoming general election.

He sought the mandate when delivering the presidential message at a closed door briefing ahead of the assembly on Thursday.

The president’s message is viewed as the party’s most important message in view of its preparation for the upcoming 13th general election.

He also reminded the 5,000-odd delegates that the party’s survival depends on its success in the next general election.

He said Umno has gone through the ups and downs since independence and it could emerge victorious if all party members and leaders at all levels do their bit for the party.

“Our success depends on what everyone at all levels especially the leaders can contribute to win the hearts and minds of the people,” Najib who is also Prime Minister said during the two-hour session

He said party members and leaders at all levels must be selfless in serving the party and people.

“Love for the party is very important, retaining power as the government is also important.

“Don’t sabotage if you are not chosen as the candidate and let’s all learn from our past mistakes in order for Umno to excel and achieve greater heights,” he said.

He also said a fair mix of young and old would be chosen as candidates from Umno in the next general election.

Stressing that, the candidates would be winnable ones, the Umno president said party members should leave the selection process to the party leadership.

He said all must sacrifice to ensure the success of the party, as the backbone of the ruling BN coalition.

He also said there was no need for anyone to try very hard to be selected as candidate and that even if any of them was a divison leader but is not a winnable candidate, he will not be chosen.

Priority will be given to leaders in the respective divisions. If there was none, an outsider will chosen and all must give their fullest support and ccoperation to ensure the victory of the chosen candidates,” he said.

Najib said all party members must work extraordinarily hard to ensure a massive victory for Umno and BN.

“Umno and party members must rise to the occasion. Work and keep on working harder for the party and the country,” he said.

The party president said winning the election would not be based on popular theories especially on picking an election date.

Najib said he did not hold on to any theory but only basing on facts.

“The facts are founded on two facts-what we have done to the people and what the opposition has done.

“If what we have done are agreeable and well accepted by the people, God willing our party will succeed,” he said.

Najib also said choosing between party’s dignity and one’s own: “The party comes first.”

Najib said party members and leaders must share with the people that they could only count on Umno and BN.

He said Umno members must work as a team and that Umno was still very relevant to the people.

“We must fight off all attacks by the opposition. Don’t be defensive. We must also fight with facts.

“We must have only one team at all levels and we will find strength and victory in unity,” he said.

A total of 5,447 delegates are attending this year’s assembly. They comprise 2,627 from 191 Umno divisions, 944 Wanita, 942 Youth and 934 Puteri members. There are also 74 representatives from Umno overseas clubs.

A total of 58 foreign delegates from 20 countries, including six from the Communist Party of China, 11 from Mamafisoa Party of Madagascar, three from the Palestine Liberation Movement (Fatah) and two from the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (Coppal) will also attend the assembly.

Seventy-four Umno overseas clubs are also sending their representatives.

Source : New Straits Times

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