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Continuation of Partnership with the US

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The world has watched this year’s presidential election with fascination. At almost every turn, media commentators have been proven wrong and the results anticipated by experts have been overturned.

Donald Trump was considered a distant outsider when his candidacy was first announced. He beat the establishment consensus by winning the Republican nomination, and did so again with his remarkable victory today.

Mr Trump’s success shows that politicians should never take voters for granted. Opinion polls, and established political figures, all underestimated the strength of his support. His appeal to Americans who have been left behind – those who want to see their government more focused on their interests and welfare, and less embroiled in foreign interventions that proved to be against US interests – have won Mr Trump the White House.

In 2014 the US and Malaysia elevated our relationship to a comprehensive partnership, and we are firm allies in the worldwide fight against terrorism and extremism. We look forward to continuing this partnership under President-elect Trump. I congratulate him on this extraordinary victory, and look forward to meeting him again soon.

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