PH Government Should Prioritise Public Transportation Over National Car

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The PH government should proceed with public transportation projects such as HSR and MRT3 projects instead of wanting to start another national car company and re-implementing protectionist measures that will only burden the people with higher car prices and financing costs.

During my time as Prime Minister, I had made it a priority to gradually reduce car prices by a gradual reduction in taxes and by introducing incentives while expanding public transportation projects.

As a result, car prices now cost less than when I first became PM while usage of public transportation has surged.

In the long-run, such measures to correct a legacy problem of the past will benefit the people to the tune of hundreds of billions of Ringgit while providing a more efficient, more cost effective, less congested and less polluting transportation options.

Do not cancel such public transportation projects just because I started them and reverting to projects merely based on pride that will cause greater harm to the Rakyat.

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