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Effective Implementation Of 2010 Budget Strategies And Measures

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In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister today assigned tasks, responsibilities and timeline to various Ministries and agencies to ensure that strategies and measures announced in the 2010 Budget are implemented according to schedule.

This is to ensure that measures implemented benefit the rakyat. Follow ups will be conducted to ascertain that the desired objectives and timeline are met.

The Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Finance will monitor the implementation of Budget 2010 measures to ensure speedy and effective implementation.

The Implementation and Coordination Unit (ICU) in the Prime Minister’s Department with branches in every state and in divisions and at district levels in the larger states, will act as a trouble shooter of the physical projects on the ground.

The existing Technical Committee for the Economic Stimulus Packages in the Ministry of Finance, which meets weekly, will oversee the overall monitoring and address issues for the successful implementation of the 2010 Budget.

The Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak briefed all Ministers, Secretaries-General, Heads of Departments and Agencies as well as other stakeholders this afternoon on what needs to be done. They were reminded that the welfare of the rakyat is of utmost priority and stressed that every effort must be made to ensure objectives of the 2010 Budget are fully realised.

Dato’ Sri Najib tabled the 2010 Budget in Parliament on 23 October 2009 based on the theme “1Malaysia, Together We Prosper”. It is designed to lay the foundation that will lead the country to become a high income economy. ENDS

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