An Opportunity to Meet

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While on sick leave, I had some time to reflect on the growing number of my online friends, particularly on Facebook, and the interactions I’ve had with all of you. I have met hundreds of you who had travelled from all over the country to meet with me at the 1Malaysia Tea event last March. Hundreds more had intended to travel to Putrajaya for the postponed dinner.

However, this number remains a fraction of the 500,000 or so Malaysians scattered across the country who have connected with me online. While the tea and dinner events allow me to connect with some of you directly, I appreciate that travelling to Putrajaya can be challenging due to various considerations. Still, I would like to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to meet with me. After some thought, here is how I plan to reconcile this issue.

As my work takes me around the country, I would like to connect with as many of you near where you live. If you would like to meet with me during my travels to your area, submit your details in the form here. Beginning next year, when I am confirmed to visit your state or district, my office will contact you with more information on our exclusive meet up.

I look forward to many more meaningful interactions with all of you, whether online or in person.

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