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All Decisions Made Have To Be Right - PM - Najib Razak

All Decisions Made Have To Be Right – PM

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PUTRAJAYA, Feb 20 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak said Sunday that as the leader of the nation he has to ensure all decisions made were right and 100 per cent accurate so as to enable the country to continue to prosper.

As such, Najib said he had to be calm and not panic whatever the situation in order to make the right decisions.

Decisions made in a panicky situation may not produce the desired results, he said.

He said his almost 35 years in politics and the many crises he had gone through had made him a strong person and able to face any adversity that came in the way.

“As the ultimate decision maker, I can’t be seen to be shaky in any situation. If we are calm we can think, if we become anxious or are panicky, we will not be able to think well or rationally.

“And if we can’t think rationally, we might reach the wrong decisions,” he said.

Najib said this in reply to a question from Naserudin Abdul Fatah from Perak during the high tea he hosted for his online friends at the compound of his official residence, Seri Perdana, here.

Some 600 people aged between 16 and 72 from throughout the country attended the high tea, which Najib hosted for the second time at Seri Perdana.

“I tell myself that all decisions made must bring 100 per cent success. As such , I am prepared to face any challenge so that the decisions I am to take, will be accurate, God willing,” he said.

Najib further said he held to the principle of focusing on the job than himself.

“I tell all my friends the days are becoming longer for me and the nights shorter. But sacrifices have to be made so that when we look back we can take pride in have discharged out responsibilities well,” he said.

He added that though he took time to exercise or play golf, uppermost in his mind was to focus on his job.

To a question from S. Thulasingam from Selangor on the steps the government was taking to raise the standard of football in the country, Najib cited the success of the national squad at the recent Suzuki AFF Cup as pointing in this direction and that the government among others had approved a RM20 million allocatio for the setting up of a football academy that would be handled by the FA of Malaysia.

He said he was confident that the national squad under the guidance of coach K Rajagopal would reach greater heights.

As to a question from Ainul Aizat Ishak from Kuala Lumpur on the type of music he liked, Najib said he preferred music of the 70s and 80s.

“I cannot understand the music my children like. However, there are some new Malay songs I like. I am more of a normal listener, and I usually listen to music while on the treadmill or have music in the background when watching the History Channel or following the news,” he said.

Replying to John Brito Victor of Kedah on the challenges he faced in realising the 1Malaysia concept, Najib said among the main challenges was the interpretation by the people of what it really meant.

“This is not unusual when something new is introduced and as such, my main task is to explain it so that Malaysians understand what it stands for an appreciate it,” he said.

To a question on Vision 2020 from Mohamad Ayzuddin Bujang of Negeri Sembilan, Najib said:” We calculate from a base per capita income of RM7,500 and the goal is to double it in 10 years by (2020).”

Towards this end, he said, the government introduced the government and economic transformation programmes (GTP, ETP), the New Economic Model and others besides the 10th Malaysia Plan.

He said that he was confident that if six per cent GDP growth could be achieved over the next 10 years, the goal would become a reality and Malaysia would be a high income nation.

Source : Bernama

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