A New Look On

This week marks two special anniversaries in Malaysia.

On Wednesday 16th September, the formation of Malaysia forty-six years ago with the joining of Sabah and Sarawak as states will be commemorated as Malaysia Day.

Coinciding with this momentous occasion will be the first birthday of the 1Malaysia website that you see before you, launched one year ago. In that time, I have posted more than seventy blog entries, and more than 6,000 comments and emails have been received through the website.

In recognition of both anniversaries, my website will undergo a transformation particularly on how the website can be more engaging to the public, emerging new and improved on Wednesday.

The following are just a number of changes that you can expect to see:

• A more crisp look and feel
• Easier navigation to the information that you need
• Content in the Tamil language
• An enhanced blog

I would also welcome your comments here on what you would like to see more (or less) of on as I continue to find ways to improve our interaction via this website. I hope to be able to interact more with everyone via this website.

More than ever, I am convinced that the internet is a key area for bringing government and citizens closer together. Blogs such as this invite input and hold elected officials more accountable. Government ministries, agencies and also community leaders must take the full advantage of the internet to interact instantly and effectively with the people they serve.

The coming weeks therefore fill me with excitement. To all of you who have shown interest in my website to date, thank you – and I hope that the revamp will be very much to your liking.

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