A Modern Police Force We Can Be Proud Of

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I have always held the Royal Malaysia Police force (PDRM) in high esteem. Growing up in a house with the late Tun Abdul Razak as my father, I have always been aware of and appreciated the sacrifices they have made for our nation towards keeping the peace. From the time of the Malayan Emergency to the tragedy of 13th May, they have always been the first in line to ensure the safety of the people.

This Police Day, we honoured them once more, for their crucial role in Ops Daulat. We honoured the eight brave men from the PDRM who made the ultimate sacrifice by putting their lives on the line to safeguard Malaysia’s sovereignty. May their actions never be forgotten amongst the rakyat, whom they fought to protect. In order to continue maintaining the stability of the region, I have announced the establishment of the Eastern Sabah Safety Zone (ESSZONE) to protect the people of Sabah. Through this, we will also ensure that the process of a free and fair election will not be interrupted for those living in the region.

On a day-to-day level we can also take pride in the progress that has been made in tackling crime, which has gone down by 27% in the last three years thanks to the efforts of the PDRM. Even so, I recognise there is more to be done in bringing crime down. For this, our PDRM is transforming into a community-based policing service of the highest integrity and professionalism. As with all change, it will require time – we are looking not at a superficial shift but a full revamp in mindset of our police force.

Hand in hand, the PDRM will continue to work together with the rakyat to achieve our common goals. A safe country is a happy country, and through the changes and initiatives the Barisan National government has implemented for our PDRM, I hope that will be true of Malaysia in the years to come.

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