Move to transform Malaysia into innovative digital economy

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THE National Information Techno logy Council will be enhanced as a high-level think tank to advise the Government on related matters.

The move was aimed at driving the ICT agenda and transforming Malaysia into an innovative digital economy, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said nine working groups, represented by experts from the public, private and community-interest sectors, would be established to provide directions and policy inputs.

The nine areas would be divided into four categories – ICT as industry, ICT as enabler, ICT for society and ICT critical success factors, he said.

Speaking to reporters yesterday at the Parliament lobby, Najib said that three working groups had already been set up previously for other areas.

The new working groups are targeted at industry development, infrastructure development, usage and small-and-medium industry development, government initiative development, human capital development and innovation eco-system and technology development.

Najib said that half of the 50 initiatives under the Government Transformation Programme were ICT dependent.

Of the 131 entry point projects identified under the Economic Transformation Programme, he said 28 were ICT-intensive and 57 were ICT-enabled.

“With the shift towards innovative digital economy and increasing use of ICT to push the country to a new economic level, critical success factors are necessary to support this transformation process.”

He said curriculum enhancement had to keep pace with technology innovation so as to meet demand for talent in new high-value jobs.

Source : The Star

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