More 1M’sia products, services in the pipeline: PM

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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 20, 2011): The government plans to roll out more 1Malaysia products and services for the rakyat, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak announced today.

Speaking at the launch of the country’s first free satellite TV station called NJOI, Najib said the government is committed to ensuring the people experience the benefits put in place by his administration.

“This free satellite TV launched today is truly a 1 Malaysia product for the people,” Najib said after launching NJOI at the PPR Cochrane flats.

“For the good of the rakyat, God willing, there will be more of such products and services in time to come,” he said.

Najib said more than 50,000 households, especially from the lower income group, will soon enjoy the services of NJOI, made available through Astro in collaboration with the government’s e-Kasih programme.

NJOI will feature 18 TV channels, including Bernama TV and 19 radio stations.

Astro will distribute 50,000 NJOI decoders and satellite dishes to recipients under the e-Kasih programme for free.

“1Malaysia is not just a philosophy to guide us in nation building,” Najib said.

“It is also used to develop products and services that will benefit Malaysians of all walks of life. All Malaysians must be able to enjoy the benefits and facilities provided by the Government,” he added.

On Sunday, Najib launched the first internet protocol television station called 1Malaysia TV which can be accessed online.

The 1Malaysia TV, Najib said, was to disseminate fast and accurate information in real-time to the people so that they would not have to rely on other news sources which are often inaccurate and false.

The NJOI service is aimed at narrowing the digital gap, especially among the rural folks and those from the low income category.

NJOI services will be made available to all customers by the first quarter of next year.

Customers will only need to purchase the decoder and satellite dish without having to pay a monthly subscription fee like conventional Astro users.

Meanwhile, Astro’s chief executive officer, Datuk Rohana Rozhan said Astro would introduce
NJOI in three phases.

She said in the first phase, Astro would distribute 50,000 NJOI decoders and satellite dishes to recipients under the eKasih programme.

“The second phase involves making the NJOI service available to all by the first quarter of 2012, where a customer can purchase the decoder and dish, install them and start to enjoy the services.

“In the third phase, NJOI customers can choose to buy additional content at their own discretion, from a menu of product and services through a prepaid mechanism, which will be available by the middle of 2012,” she said at the launch of NJOI here today, reports Bernama.

Rohana said NJOI’s customers could enjoy the 37 TV and radio services such as Astro Tutor, Astro Vanavil, Astro Prima, Astro Oasis, Astro Awani, Bernama TV, Astro AEC, Jia Yu, Makkal TV, iView, iMus, TVi, TV1 and TV2.

She also said Astro planned to offer its services or selection of its services via smart devices for its existing customers.

“This will be made available in the second quarter of next year,” she said.

Source : The Sun Daily

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