Menteri PH ini pernah cerita bagaimana PM4/7 pernah konpius sehingga dia…

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Menteri PH ini pernah cerita bagaimana PM4/7 pernah konpius sehingga dia “terpaksa” fitnah saya dengan cerita “Najib jual Kuantan kepada China” dan cerita “tembok besar Cina di Malaysia”.

Seperti PM4/7 juga pernah konpius sehingga dia sekali lagi fitnah saya dengan cerita “Najib jual Bandar Malaysia kepada China” dan “Najib pengkhianat bangsa dan agama”.

Selepas dia jadi PM, dia mengaku dia tak check betul-betul dahulu tentang Bandar Malaysia dan akhirnya merumuskan bahawa Najib sebenarnya jual Bandar Malaysia kepada orang tempatan dan bukan orang China.

Lalu, PM7 dan PH pun jual Bandar Malaysia projek 1MDB kepada pembeli asal dengan syarat dan harga yang sama yang dulu dia pernah tuduh saya jual negara.

Dengar pengakuan PM7 dari mulut dia sendiri:

Ini sebahagian dari penjelasan panjang lebar Menteri PH tentang MCKIP Kuantan dan tembok Cina bagaimana PM7 pernah konpius masa dulu sebelum PRU14 serta bagaimana planning kerajaan BN masa saya PM amat cantik menyeluruh dan membawa manfaat amat besar bagi orang Pahang dan ekonomi Malaysia:

Whenever the Kuantan Industrial Park is mentioned in popular conversation, the discussion inevitably gets steered towards the so-called “Great Wall of China” that surrounds the massive Alliance Steel complex.

Yesterday, I visited the Malaysia China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP). The masterplan 4 this area is much more than just the ‘great wall’. If done well, the investments in this industrial park has the potential to transform the whole of Kuantan into a thriving city of industry.

The MCKIP is a joint venture between a Malaysian consortium (51%) led by IJM and a Chinese consortium led by Guangxi Beibu. There is a sister park called the China Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park (CMQIP) which is located in the autonomous region of Guangxi in China.

Most Malaysians are probably not aware of the fact that Guangxi has been designated by the Chinese government as the gateway to ASEAN. Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, is the host city for the annual China-Asean Expo (CAEPXPO), which is taking place from 12-15 September 2018.

MCKIP covers more than 3500 acres and is divided into 3 phases. The infrastructure for Phase 1 has been completed and Alliance Steel occupies 710 acres of our 1200 acres. The land clearing for Phase 2 is almost completed and work on Phase 3 will be started soon.

Committed FDIs of over RM11 billion are in the approval process. More potential investments will come as MCKIP continues to grow and gain a credible reputation in China.

It is not possible to talk about MCKIP without linking it with the Kuantan Port. The Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) is a 60%-40% joint venture between IJM and Guangxi Beibu, the same drivers behind MCKIP.

The rationale is simple – if more industries set up in MCKIP, this will inevitably lead to more traffic coming to and leaving from the Kuantan Port.

Currently, Kuantan Port handles less than 150,000 TEUs (container units) compared to more than 9 million TEUs for Westport in Port Klang. With a proper strategy to attract the right investors to MCKIP as well as to Kuantan Port, the volume can easily exceed 1 million TEUs.

The development of a new deep water terminal in the Kuantan Port has allowed investors such as Alliance Steel to import its raw materials in the form of iron ore and coal (Phase 1A and Phase 1B).

The government built a breakwater which allowed dredging to take place in the new expansion of the port. The dredging of the deepwater port was undertaken by the Kuantan Port Consortium. The result is a new 1km berth cover 400m for Phase 1A and another 600m for Phase 1B.

Now, onto the elephant in the room which is the Alliance Steel plant.

A few facts on this project:
1)This company is a joint venture between Guangxi Beibu and Guangxi Sheng Long Metallurgical Co Ltd, both of which are state owned enterprises

2)Thus far, this company has invested approximately US$1.4 billion in its complex in MCKIP

3)The infamous wall reaches a maximum height of 3m but is closer to 2m in most parts. The wall only covers the compound of Alliance Steel and NOT the entire MCKIP

The wall was built as a means to protect the assets in the compound, which is huge! The compound measures 4.2km long and almost 1km wide in some parts. When Tun Dr. Mahathir visited the site of the plant in November 2017, the construction work had just started.

With just the wall surrounding the compound, which is elevated when viewed from certain vantage points around the site, it is understandable why Tun Dr. Mahathir would have had some concerns over what was being built and what was going on within the compound.

Now that the various sections within the plant are already built, the size of the wall is relatively low when compared to the massive buildings within the compound.

There is no steel plant like this in the whole of Msia be it in terms of capacity (3.5 million tons capacity/year) or in terms of the level of automation (state of the art blast furnace with almost fully automated production lines) or in terms of efficiency (0 wastewater target).

After the initial construction period where the workers were primarily from China, Alliance Steel is now employing almost 2000 Malaysian workers, all of whom are given free meals and lodging while they are working at the plant.

A significant proportion of the construction work were sub-contracted to Kuantan based contractors to a tune of over RM1 billion in projects. A local supermarket chain, the Tunas Manja Group (TMG), has a store within the plant, which it does not pay rent for.

Ini penjelasan (dalam Bahasa Melayu) yang saya pernah muat naik beberapa kali sejak PRU14:

Walaupun PM7 banyak kali konpous terhingga “terpaksa” fitnah saya demi menghasut ramai Rakyat, untuk membenci dan memaki saya, tak sekali pun dia pernah minta maaf pada saya selepas dia akhirnya “faham” kebenarannya semasa dia jadi PM7.

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