Meeting the future of 1Malaysia

By Thursday May 21st, 2009 No Comments

At 5.30 yesterday evening I had the pleasure of meeting and personally congratulating the three winners of the Photo Contest in a small yet significant occasion.

It was also their first time being at the Prime Minister’s Office, so I arranged for the winners to be given a short tour of the premises prior to our meeting. Insya-Allah, the brief glimpse into the heart of the government of Malaysia will inspire them to make great contributions to the country.

When they finally arrived at my office, accompanied by proud teachers and family members, I presented them with their prizes and a framed copy of their winning photos. I was pleased to learn that Noor Diyana is a recipient of the Felda scholarship, that Henry Liew’s lecturer who encouraged him to participate in the contest was eagerly waiting for him to tell her the results, and that Md Azrul was interested in learning foreign languages, particularly Spanish.
The session was also an opportunity for me to obtain feedback and ideas from the three winners on how to stimulate participation among young Malaysians in realizing the concept of 1Malaysia. I expressed my hope that Henry Liew, Md Azrul Syaffiq and Noor Diyana will continue to be part of the ongoing dialogue and encourage their peers to do the same, in the interest of their future and the future of the country.

I also hope they enjoy their prizes!

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