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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will introduce next month a new citizen engagement platform – 1Malaysia Roundtable.

1Malaysia Roundtable, with online and mobile app versions, will integrate all of the prime minister’s online platforms including his official website, Facebook page and Twitter account so that people could connect with him easier and in a more convenient manner.

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s latest blog post entitled ‘Let’s Keep the Conversation Going!’ reads, “Instead of switching between different interfaces, you can leave comments on my blog or Facebook, tweet me, and register for upcoming gatherings using a single application. And I will introduce additional apps in the future”

The prime minister said people could discuss ideas that could contribute to nation-building, guided by Malaysian experts from various fields in the Roundtable.

The prime minister updates his blog and responds to followers every night before going to sleep, making it clear that direct engagement with the citizens is important, even if faced with a busy schedule daily.

“Hence, I came up with the Roundtable. The subject matter experts will assist us in shaping these online discussions and sharing your ideas with me. There are other exciting plans in the pipeline, but most importantly, I hope that you use these opportunities wisely and help me in making our nation better and in becoming a fully-developed, high-income nation we can all be proud of!” added Prime Minister Najib.

Source : futuregov

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