Malaysian PM invites fans home for Manchester derby

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Malaysian premier Najib Razak is throwing open his home on Sunday for football fans to watch Manchester United take on Manchester City, in a rapport-building exercise ahead of expected elections.

Najib, a Manchester United supporter, sent out messages on Facebook and Twitter Wednesday to invite football-mad Malaysians to his official residence in the administrative capital of Putrajaya to watch the match.

“Having been to a few football viewing parties before… I decided it is high time for me to host my own session,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to lepak (hang out) with more of my Facebook and Twitter friends,” he added.

Officials said big-screen televisions and overhead projectors will telecast the match live at 9.30pm (1330 GMT) in the residence, to those who register their interest on the premier’s website by Thursday.

It is the latest attempt to woo voters by Najib, who came to power in 2009 after his predecessor was forced to stand down following an electoral drubbing. The next polls are expected to be called sometime next year.

Najib has faced declining opinion poll numbers over the brutal quashing of a electoral reform rally in July, rising racial tensions in the multi-ethnic nation and an increasingly cloudy economic outlook.

Last month, the premier went on a charm offensive, appearing on radio talk shows and youth concerts in a bid to shore up support.

Both Manchester clubs, who will meet at Old Trafford Sunday, remain unbeaten this season and lead the race to top the Premier League.

Source : AFP

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