Malaysia to be Model Muslim Nation

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KUALA TERENGGANU, Jan 10 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today reiterated that Malaysia, under the Barisan Nasional (BN) government which stresses on solidarity and mutual understanding between the races, will become a role model for the Islamic and developing nations.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the spirit of solidarity and mutual understanding propagated by the government had enabled it to weather any crisis that had cropped up.

“The BN government will ensure that Malaysia will become a role model to the Islamic world and the developing countries.

“And we will lead the country so that in the 21st century, we will push the country to greater heights,” he said in his speech at the Women’s Neighbourhood Carnival organised by the Batu Burok Rukun Tetangga Club, here, Saturday.

Najib said that while the other countries were affected by the economic recession which resulted in unemployment, Malaysians were fortunate as the government had always been responsible in easing the burden borne by the people by increasing government allocations.

“So, give us a chance. Although it’s just a by-election, it can give us an indication that the people of Terengganu are together with the BN government,” he said.

Najib said that besides paying the oil royalty, the federal government was determined to continue cooperation with the Terengganu government to develop the state and ensure that the people lived in prosperity.

He said the people of Terengganu would certainly want a better life under the BN government compared to the one when they were under the PAS government from 1999 to 2004.

Source : Bernama

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