Malaysia now has 11.4 million registered voters

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PUTRAJAYA: The country now has 11,381,193 voters after the latest supplementary electoral roll, which contains 191,970 names, was gazetted, the Election Commission (EC) said.

Its registration panel chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Mat Said said the EC had struck off 58,303 names in the latest roll including the names of those who had died.

Meanwhile, he said there was a huge increase in the number of new voters registered this year compared to last year, with an average of 85,000 new voters registered in each quarter.

He said there were still 2,241,565 people who had already reached their voting age but had yet to register as voters.

“The EC has set the target of registering at least 50% of them,” he told reporters here. He urged electorates to check their names in the roll to ensure the details, such as their localities, were correct.

“The EC will not be able to take action to correct mistakes if they only come to us in the last minute before an election,” he said, adding that corrections could be made in person or through the EC’s portal at

Source : The Star

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