Malaysia moves to lift 40-yr-old emergency decrees

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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia on Thursday moved to lift three 40-year-old emergency decrees that allowed detention without trial, with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak saying the situation that had threatened public order no longer exists.

Najib tabled a motion in the parliament seeking lifting of the three emergency proclamations that were enforced in the 1960s and 70s after the country witnessed widespread race riots.

The latest move comes as part of the Najib government’s commitment to introduce greater political reforms in the country to expand civil liberties. In September, Najib had also promised to repeal the tough Internal Security Act.

“The tabling of this motion shows that the Government is ready to carry out reforms that are in line with current needs,” the prime minister told parliament.

He said the situation that had threatened the nation’s security, economic life or public order decades back when the emergency decrees were proclaimed no longer exists.

The motion seeks to lift the emergency proclamations that were issued by the King in 1969 following the May 13, 1969 racial riots in this multi-ethnic country.

It is also to lift the emergency proclamations of 1966 and 1977 aimed at resolving political disputes in Sarawak and Kelantan, respectively.

Source : Zee News

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