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Malaysia Condemns North Korean Nuclear Test - Najib Razak

Malaysia Condemns North Korean Nuclear Test

By Monday June 1st, 2009 No Comments

JEJU ISLAND (South Korea), June 2 (Bernama) — Malaysia Tuesday expressed deep concern on the latest developments in the Korean Peninsula and condemned the recent nuclear test carried out by North Korea.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the test by North Korea represented a serious setback to efforts aimed at keeping the region and the world free from nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.

He said the latest developments in the Korean Peninsula were a clear violation of its obligations under the relevant United Nations Security Council resolution and decisions.

“Malaysia strongly believes that the continued existence of nuclear weapons presents a grave threat to humanity, particularly by increasing the risk of proliferation.

“Malaysia, therefore, reiterates the importance of achieving the universal goal of complete and general disarmament especially weapons of mass destruction and its delivery system,” he said in a statement at the second session of the Asean-Republic of Korea (ROK) Commemorative Summit here.

The summit which was held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Korea’s relations with Asean was attended by South Korean president Lee Myung-bak and all the 10 leaders of Asean member countries.

Najib said that like others, Malaysia too would continue to monitor the developments in the Northeast Asian region.

“We urge DPRK (North Korea) to immediately return to the Six-Party Talks. Malaysia stands by its conviction that the Six-Party Talks process is the best platform available to resolve all outstanding issues amicably.

“Malaysia hopes that all parties concerned would remain committed to the process including focusing on ways to build mutual trust and confidence,” he added.

The Prime Minister said Malaysia would like to see peace and stability as well as a denuclearised Korean Peninsula as it would not only benefit the Korean Peninsula but the Asian region as a whole.

Meanwhile, Najib told Malaysian journalists after a bilateral meeting with President Lee Myung-bak this afternoon that South Korea had expressed its appreciation to Malaysia for making its firm stance known.

“Malaysia’s stance reflects the ties between Malaysia and ROK which have reached the 50-year period,” he said.

Also in his statement, Najib said that another area of grave concern to humanity was the unsettling situation in the Middle East particularly the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“Malaysia hopes that the ROK could support the latest efforts by the U.S. for the Two States Solution and efforts to ensure long term peace, security and stability are established in the region.

“Towards this end, Malaysia recognises the ROK’s strong support for the Middle East Peace Process as well as its contribution to the humanitarian relief efforts and reconstruction in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” he said.

He said that Malaysia would like to call on the ROK to continue extending its assistance in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Gaza and the West Bank for the long term economic prosperity of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

On the current global financial crisis, Najib who is also Malaysia’s Finance Minister, said Asean and ROK would have to work together through the Asean Plus Three cooperation framework in a concerted and coordinated regional manner to restore market confidence and financial stability in the global financial system over the long term.

He said cooperation to develop further the Asian Bond Market Initiative should also be facilitated to bring it to early fruition.

Source : Bernama

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