Let's look ahead – not back – on bilateral ties

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I READ with interest the reports about Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s eight-day visit to West Malaysia.

It is gratifying to learn that MM Lee has guarded optimism for future cooperation between Singapore and Malaysia after a few days of meetings with Malaysia’s top political leaders.

Moreover, it is a pleasure to learn that the Malaysian Cabinet is solidly behind Prime Minister Najib Razak’s new policy of cooperation with Singapore.

In the past, there were worries and concerns among Singaporean investors about their returns on investments due to the Malaysian government’s capricious policies, as well as discordant voices within the government which could affect the political atmosphere and Malaysia’s economic policies.

At the same time, Singapore’s economic success had always been mistakenly perceived as an obstacle to Malaysia’s development. Actually, the long-term progress, stability and prosperity of Singapore, as part of Asean, will always benefit Malaysia.

The relationship between Singapore and Malaysia after MM Lee’s visit will grow stronger. As long as the leaders of both countries work together with sincerity, foresight and ingenuity, any issue can be resolved amicably.

Source : Business Times

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